Who Are We?

The Institute for Anambra Development (TIFAD) is an organization of well-meaning professionals of Anambra State, Nigeria origin. Anambra State is nestled in the poor southeastern region of Nigeria. Since our members are residents of the state of Georgia, we are therefore headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

TIFAD is a charitable, non-profit organization whose mission is to help the impoverished children of southeastern Nigeria get a good education and a functional healthcare system. To accomplish this mission, TIFAD is constantly soliciting donations of either new or used books and medical supplies, for shipment and subsequent distribution to schools and hospitals in these poor areas. We also accept cash donations to help defray the cost of storage, shipping and clearing.

The State of Educational & Healthcare System in the Area
Generally, the state of educational and healthcare systems in the southeastern region of Nigeria is both deplorable and very disheartening, but is particularly worse in Anambra State of Nigeria. The classrooms are normally overcrowded, school supplies are absent, teachers are sometimes forced by unbearable circumstances to purchase needed teaching supplies out-of-pocket and because the libraries are usually empty, students are reduced growing their knowledge through purchased handouts from the teachers. The poorer students who cannot afford to pay for the handouts go through school, learning nothing. Due to your charitable support, TIFAD is helping to create better conditions for these students.

The healthcare system is almost completely dilapidated. Thousands of people die of easily curable ailments because there may be no clinic/hospital nearby, or that the nearby ones have no medications to dispense. In most cases, the doctors may be available to help, but there is no medical supplies/equipment to work with. Thousands of women die each year, giving birth to a newborn, for the same reasons above. The number of children who die each year, because of shortage of medical supplies at the few available clinics/hospitals, is innumerable. TIFAD has resolved to minimize these preventable deaths, with your charitable support.


Gov. Peter Obi (with microphone), flanked by The State Commissioner For Education, Dr. Kay Onyechi (right) and the Vice Chancellor of The Anambra State University, Prof Orajiaka (left) at the inspection of 25,000 titles donated to the School by The Institute For Anambra Development (TIFAD) based in Atlanta, GA. USA.

25,000 titles donated. Click Image
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