TIFAD Donations

TIFAD is all about giving hope to some of the poor children of sub-Saharan Africa, particularly those in Anambra State, in southeastern Nigeria. Through the activities of TIFAD, the hope of getting a good education for a poor child is actualized. In the areas in question, the school library shelves are empty, there are no computers and the children cannot afford the purchase the books necessary to further their education. The hospitals or maternities are equally empty, without equipment, necessary supplies or even needed medications. This poor state of healthcare delivery, has led to the deaths of thousands of children. These children could have been saved and given a future, if only the hospitals/healthcare system were functional.

TIFAD believes that there is a lot of good in humanity. Therefore, we implore you to please donate your widow’s mite to this worthy cause. Donations can be in the form of cash, books (new or used) and medical supplies/equipment. Please note that all donations to TIFAD are tax deductible.

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