TIFAD Projects

Since our mission is to help the impoverished children of southeastern Nigeria get a good education and functional healthcare system, all TIFAD’s projects are works in progress. As the pictures in this page illustrate, we have successfully equipped the library of one of the universities in the area. In appreciation, the university named the library after TIFAD. There are many other schools to help, therefore, our book drive continues. We encourage you to donate your used or new books to TIFAD, because that used book, gathering dust in the attic, can do wonders in the education of a poor child who needs it.

TIFAD is also accepting donations of medical supplies and equipment. Once a container load has been acquired, TIFAD ships it for distribution to the hospitals in these impoverished areas. These supplies help the hospitals gain accreditation and deliver necessary healthcare to the less privileged residents of the region.

TIFAD believes that there is a lot of good in humanity. Therefore, we implore you to please donate your widow’s mite to this worthy cause. Donations can be in the form of cash, books (new or used) and medical supplies/equipment. Please note that all donations to TIFAD are tax deductible.

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