Grady Branch Library journal project

Good afternoon Tifadians,
I want to thank you all again for working with me to remove the bound medical journal volumes from the Grady Branch Library and I’m glad to know they will have a new home at the Library in Anambra named for your group. I didn’t quite get the connection Gabe was referring to until I read it on the website. You should all be proud of your efforts to improve life for others!

On Saturday June 19th, we packed 157 boxes of journals. Another 29 boxes of 2009 and early 2010 single issues were already packed for a total 186 boxes (give or take one or two). The 157 boxes we packed contained 2,100 bound medical journal volumes of various sizes, based on the numbers we recorded. No count for the 29 boxes of single issues or other single issues removed from the stacks. You also received a set of Encyclopedia Britannica, and we will try to get an unabridged dictionary to Dr. Ibegbu. I hope all is safe in storage until you can place it in a container to ship.

Your group works well together as a team. I’d like to thank Dr. Okpala for discovering that the collection was available and bringing it to your attention; Dr. Ibegbu for “reading the shelves” and selecting the best titles/years to remove; Henry OnBiko for efficiently handling business with the parking and lunch; Pam for giving up her Saturday to build boxes and otherwise assist. A final thanks to all of you for being good natured during the entire five hours!

As we have other donations of medical books (any years) or medical journals, we will certainly contact you. May God bless your efforts to help others.


Gov. Peter Obi (with microphone), flanked by The State Commissioner For Education, Dr. Kay Onyechi (right) and the Vice Chancellor of The Anambra State University, Prof Orajiaka (left) at the inspection of 25,000 titles donated to the School by The Institute For Anambra Development (TIFAD) based in Atlanta, GA. USA.
Tifad book drive at Gerogia Perimeter College.
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